A Powerful Guide to Getting Ceme Online Jackpots

Greetings from Poker139, here we will discuss thoroughly about the Powerful Guide to Get Jackpot Ceme Online in online gambling games, certainly not alienated from ceme gambling games, here we will discuss a little how to buy the jackpot before entering the general guide. jackpot can be bought at a price of 100,500,1000 and 2000 (specifically for VIP tables and above) and specifically for the city is required to buy the jackpot according to the number of players at the table, for example if there are 4 players then the city is required to buy a jackpot of 4x 1000 = 4,000.

We also have to learn what cards are included in the jackpot, the card is a card with a special value and can be seen below the arrangement of the smallest cards:

Small Pure

A combination of 4 cards with a maximum number of circles 9.

Pure Big

A combination of all 4 cards with a minimum number of circles of 39


Conditions in which the player / dealer gets twin circles on each of his cards (upper and lower side)
Example: (6 – 6) (5 – 5) (4 – 4) (3 – 3)

Six Gods

A combination of the 4 cards which when added up has a total of 6 circles on each card.
Example : (0 – 6) (1 – 5) (2 – 4) (3 – 3)

Here we will also give the Ceme City Jackpot Calculation Method:

  • Pure Small = 50 x jackpot price
    Example: 50 x 500 (jackpot price) = 25,000
  • Pure Big = 50 x jackpot price
    Example: 50 x 500 = 25,000
  • logs = 200 x jackpot price
    Example: 200 x 500 = 100. 000
  • Six Gods = 6666 x jackpot price
    Example: 6666 x 500 = 3. 333,000

In the ceme game, each player has a chance to become a city, provided the credit must be enough to become a city, if you want to get the jackpot easily it would be good for you to be a city because the chances of winning the jackpot are greater. the jackpot is 6: 1, of course the chances of being a city to get a bigger jackpot. Poker139

Often you forget to install the jackpot because it’s too cool to bet and when your card comes out the jackpot you won’t get anything, therefore it is hoped that you will look at the jackpot column more often and buy it in every game so that the chance of getting the jackpot is greater

When you want to make it easier to get the jackpot, it is expected that every player plays patiently and it is recommended to place bets with the lowest nominal because your goal of playing is only to get the jackpot, then there is no need to compete to increase the bet, it is enough only with the smallest bet. just so you have the opportunity to hit the jackpot from your deposit

The guide above is a guide that is often used by players to get the ceme online jackpot young, If you already understand it and want to try your luck, please just join us on the Poker139 site that is trusted and safe for years with the alternative link dominodewi.com , Your arrival will be welcomed by our experienced and friendly Cs. Domino QQ

Hopefully the guide above is very helpful to you in your online ceme game and thank you for the attention of our loyal poker goddess fans who continue to be with us and follow each of our guides, greetings POKER DEWI.

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