Online Gambling Guide – This time we will discuss what is at stake in basketball betting . Before that, we will explain what basketball is.
Basketball is a group ball sport consisting of two teams of five people each competing to score points by putting the ball into the opponent’s basket.

Well here we don’t want to go into further detail, and below are basketball judi online terlengkap bets that are often bet on online gambling agents in INDONESIA and abroad at an INTERNATIONAL standard.

Bets that are often made in basketball betting are,

1. Handicapis a bet that definitely exists at online gambling agents, for this bet it is the same as playing football, but the difference is that if you play street ball in this basketball Handicap bet, the score that has been created will still be counted until the bet is complete, in contrast to football if playing street ball, the score that has been created is not counted or counted from 0 – 0 again. So basically Handicap betting is the same as football betting.

ATTENTION: for street ball bets, basketball bets, the score that has been created will still be counted. So for example: Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns and you place a running bet for the Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns match and the score that occurs when you want to place is 35: 30 and Utah Jazzgive a furan of 7.50 for the Phoenix Suns then the score of 35: 30 counts, and the final score for both teams is 120: 112 for the Utah Jazz victory then if you choose a member fur 7.50 then your bet wins and vice versa if you hold 7.50 then your bet loses . ( for OT ( Over Time ) in this bet counts ) .

2. Over/Under ( O/U ) is a bet to guess whether the final score will be over / over or under / under. In this bet, it is the same as football, which only guesses the final score whether it is over or under.

ATTENTION: for this bet Over Time / OT is calculated, because for over / under bets for basketball is the final result of the match.

3.Odd/Even is a bet to guess the final result / total score of the two teams, odd or even, odd (odd) and even (even). And for this bet the same, the calculation is the final result of both teams, so Over Time / OT still counts.

4. Quarter Bet is a bet made for a certain quarter only, in basketball games have 4 quarters in each game. And if you make a quarter bet then the final score is only calculated in the quarter results, so for example you make a bet in the 1st quarter then it is a bet for the first quarter only and the results in the other quarter are not counted. Likewise, if playing in the 2nd quarter is the bet placed in the second quarter only, and the results in the first quarter will not interfere with the results in the first quarter. Likewise the third and fourth quarters for the results of the previous quarter will not affect the results of any bets this quarter.

ATTENTION :Over time / OT in this bet does not count, because in this bet only the results of each quarter played are calculated.
Above are bets available at all Indonesian and international online gambling agents . And there are still several types of basketball bets that may be bet on while the match is in progress, such as first 15 points, Last point, HDP three points, and over/under three points. Below we will explain bets such as first 15 points, Last point, Hdp three points, and over/under three points;

1. First 15 points is a bet to guess who will get 15 points first.

2. Hdp three point is a bet that is calculated only from three points, so for example the result of the Utah Jazz vs Phoenix Suns match is 210 – 200 then what is calculated from this bet is the three points. You can see the image below:

Judging from the picture above, what we circled with a red circle are three points, so what counts is that number, so the calculation is how many three points are there, so like the picture above it means the three points are 2 – 3, not the addition of 3 + 3 + 3 and so on, but print three points or three points are counted as one.

3. Over/Under Three Points are bets that are calculated from the results of three points only. so the calculation is the same as the three-point HDP, where if you score three points / three points, you will count one.

4. Last Point is a bet where we choose which team will score the last point.

And that’s the type of basketball bet for now that we can explain to all online soccer betting bettors who are learning to bet online for basketball-type sports.

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