Some Good Options In Poker Gambling

Some good options Choose from a variety of poker games available at trusted poker sites. As well as making some online gamblers who do some trouble to make something for profit. By doing so. Next he makes you feel the problem you dreamed of before. It is therefore natural that most people want to acquire most of the people they want. As well as making most people will do all the problems they want. So do what you want to be achieved by one person. The number of steps to earn a victory in an online gambling game.

We can explain this today in an online gambling article. As well as for some time past you will read some really useful information from us. Create some problems that will bring victory in online gambling games. To gain a sense of where you play online gambling affects your winning step. Where if you play online gambling games in a wide place. Next he will make a few percent of your winnings will be reduced. With that the quality of your game on online gambling games will decrease. As well as make you lose a lot in online gambling games. But when you play online gambling games that are in a narrow place.

Therefore, the winning step that you will find is even bigger and make your gambling game higher. Until he can win online gambling games that shape continuously. A really surprising provision was issued by the IDN center. Where the stipulation is removed because he makes the winning content of an account addition. Therefore, make provisions issued by the IDN center. So not to feel unlucky and not get a lot of wins. As well as the provisions already issued by the IDN center prohibiting playing with teams or cooperation.

Because this trivial problem can make the winning content of the account can increase. And it can be proven from some online gamblers who do that a day can yield several tens of millions of rupiah. So that makes a lot of other people who want to do the game be a team or work together to produce the same problem. About a few are believed to be able to pull a fortune in online gambling games. And by doing that, you can win a lot of games. And just often can succeed at every table.

Although he could not be sure of victory in online gambling games. Even so, you can use it to find capital or profit in the online gambling games you already play. To gain a sense of where you play online gambling affects your winning step. Where if you play online gambling games in a crowded place. Next he will make a few percent of your winnings will be reduced.

With that the quality of your game on online gambling games will decrease. As well as make you lose a lot in online gambling games. But when you play online gambling games you are in a quiet place. As well as not a single person even in your existence playing online gambling games. Therefore, the winning step that you will find is even bigger and make your gambling game higher. Until he can win online gambling games that shape continuously.


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Deposit Credit 10 thousand on Online Gambling Sites

Technological changes that are increasingly advanced every year make gambling games also develop. Where now we can enjoy online gambling games easily from some of the latest developments issued by Indonesian online gambling sites. If previously some gamblers were required to have an account to bet on online gambling, now without an account they can bet. Several new developments have emerged, from depositing via atm links, E-money, to credit deposit gambling. Deposits via credit sound a little foreign to the ears of professional gamblers, but there are many online gambling sites that offer credit-deposit online gambling.

Now some online gambling games can be enjoyed by using Telkomsel, XL, and Axis credit deposits. In general, poker gambling with a minimum deposit of 10 thousand using an account has begun to decline. Because the arrival of deposit relief using credit makes some gamblers welcome it with pleasure. Some groups of gamblers see that depositing via credit can actually have a big loss effect for gamblers.

Many card gambling fans are now still reviewing the pros and cons of playing gambling via credit, is it more profitable or makes you lose? To answer the questions that are on your heart’s mind, here we will summarize information about poker gambling via credit. Well, from this discussion, maybe you will all know about the arrival of credit deposit gambling which is more profitable or not.

Profit and Loss Gambling Deposit Credit in the World of Online Gambling

Some of the new developments offered from online gambling sites, namely by depositing via credit, have so far become pros and cons in the world of online gambling. Where are some of the terms and conditions that players need to comply with on the site. From some of the information we found regarding the pros and cons of depositing via credit, you can draw a summary of the profit or loss at the player’s place.

1. Bigger Minimum Deposit

Usually most online poker sites provide relief in terms of the minimum deposit in each deposit. We can find most online poker gambling sites ensure a minimum deposit of 10 thousand for all members. However, this only applies to members who deposit via OVO or bank transfer.

If you are a lover of means of transacting using pulses, you can feel the effect with a guaranteed minimum deposit of up to 20 thousand – 25 thousand. For some gamblers, this may not be a big problem, but they unconsciously force them to deposit a larger amount.

However , this does not apply to the online gambling site Kendi Poker . At Kendi Poker, depositing credit is the same as depositing through a bank, namely a minimum deposit of 10 thousand, you can play! And that applies to bank deposits, ovo credit or gopay.

2. Affected by Discounts Up to 30%

For those of you who love the means of depositing via credit, you have to accept if the funds that enter the account are not full or are deducted. The size of the pieces depends on the operator used by some players.

Telkomsel operator alteration fee : 30%

When a player deposits using a Telkomsel operator of 10,000, then a 30%discount is used. Up to the balance that will go into the account is 7,000.

3. Longer Transaction Process

When you choose to bet on online poker using credit, you have to accept that the transaction process is a bit long. If you use a bank transfer account or via OVO, it will be fast and easy because complete and valid data has been included in the bank. In contrast to credit deposit gambling, which requires you to send proof of the transaction and serial number (SN) obtained from the operator and later sent to the site operator.

4. New Member Bonus Forfeit

Some newcomers to the world of online gambling can now be said to be lazy to let go of some of the bonus promotions on offer. One of the bonus promotions to look forward to and which can be claimed after a deposit is the new member bonus.

However, this promotion is only valid for you to deposit via ovo and bank transfer. In contrast to the deposit using credit which certainly does not get a new member bonus alias burnt because of the conditions listed. Similarly, the next deposit bonus will be forfeited when depositing via credit.

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Reading Card Spins in Online Poker Gambling Card Games

In online poker gambling card games there are many rounds depending on the number of players and the strength of the combined cards that each player has. Playing gambling is not just providing entertainment for some of the players, but as a medium to gain some financial coffers if you are lucky enough to win the gambling game. To win, you need the right tactics and a smart way of thinking when playing the game.

In every online poker card game, there will be obstacles that you will face in several stages. Playing with different people will be different as well as the obstacles they encounter. This is where the ability to count cards and understand the spin of the cards is really important. Because from these two things you can have great potential to become a champion.

Talking about card rounds in online poker gambling card games, here are some points you need to know, namely:

Odd and Even Numbers

First, reading the rounds in poker games, whether land or online, can be through the presence of odd or even number characters. From here you can start to guess the round that will take place. You can see the odd or even strength starting from the dealer distributing cards to each of the players. More precisely you can guess when one by one the players remove the cards that are in their hands.

Regarding the power of odd or even cards, what you should know next as a poker player is that in fact each player has the same winning power. Overall players have a chance of becoming a champion of around 99%. This applies to either online poker gambling card games or land poker gambling card games or those played directly.

3 Things About Jackpot

Second, regarding the jackpot in online poker gambling card games, there are 3 things that must be seen. First, combine the daily jackpot cards which usually come out every 5 rounds. Generally in the 15th round there is a four of a kind. In the 35th round there will be a straight flush. The second thing, you must know exactly what type of jackpot you can find. Here, you mainly control the ranking of card combinations in poker gambling games.

Still related to the jackpot, in online poker gambling card games there is an important jackpot called the super royal flush. To get this highest jackpot is really difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible for you. So leaks, generally the super royal flush appears once in 1000 rounds. While one level below, the royal flush occurs once every 200 spins.

Understanding the Psychology of the Enemy

The last point you need to master to win an online poker gambling card game is to master the psychological state of the enemy player. This has a non-playful role because in essence each player has a different character. There is one that you can bully, there is also one that you have to fight very carefully, one of which is bullying you. Understanding the psychology of the enemy can be through a face that you can definitely see.

If the enemy player is really good at covering his face when playing online poker gambling card games, then you can still see from the other side. For example, you can see from the way he sits, whether he seems to be moving a lot because he is restless or calm. You can use all of them as a reference when playing online poker gambling card games at any agent.
For that, I recommend 1 online gambling site, namely Poker. If you are interested, you can directly visit Kendipoker, click here


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How to play real money poker without any capital

Playing real money poker gambling without any capital is not impossible to do. Gambling in this era has changed. If in the past you had to deal directly with the bookie or visit the casino to be able to play, now there is no need. With an online system, you can play gambling and without the need to go to the city.

Online gambling itself has been used by most of the world’s gamblers. Some gamblers think that online gambling is the best breakthrough to make it easier for anyone to play gambling In fact, many gamblers are facilitated by online schemes. Of course, the party that was facilitated after the existence of the online gambling system were the gambling enthusiasts in Indonesia.

One of the types of games that can be played is poker. Poker played online also has certain advantages. There are several things that make online poker more interesting than conventional. One of them is being able to play real money poker without any capital. So beginners certainly don’t know this yet. If you want to know more, read the following information.

Use the Referral Bonus Offered by Online Bandar

It is not impossible for those of you who want to play poker gambling at online bookies without using capital in the form of real money. Certainly if logically, this is not possible. Considering that real money poker games are still gambling games, you will need real money bets in the game. So it must be needed playing capital.

But the fact is that there are players who can play poker gambling and make a lot of money without using the slightest capital. Of course this is a very interesting thing and makes players curious. This can be done really easily. The way to play real money poker gambling without any capital is enough to take advantage of the bonus.

Surely you all understand that playing poker online is a bonus. There are several types of bonuses offered by the city. But there is one type of bonus that will allow you to be able to play poker without any capital. This type of bonus is a referral bonus. This referral bonus is a really interesting type of bonus in poker.

Guide to Optimizing Referral Bonuses from Bandar Online

For those of you who don’t know the referral bonus, of course you have to know it first so you can play real money poker without any capital. Referral bonuses are bonuses that require you to invite people to enter the city. So you have to invite your friends or relatives to register and play at the city service that you use to play.

The trick is very easy, you need to ask your friends to enter your referral code when registering. If that’s the case, then you will get a percentage of each of your friends playing. Of course, the more friends you invite, the bigger the benefits. In order to be able to several people, there is a guide that can help you to make it happen.

You can share your code and promo to your various social media accounts. In this way, your achievements will be wider and your chances of getting additional capital will be greater. Of course the following steps are not difficult for you. That’s just the way to play real money poker gambling without the slightest capital at online poker bookies.

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The Biggest Poker Tournament of All Time

With many idn poker sites offering weekly showcase tournaments so players can qualify for cheap, the competition for the “big money” header is fierce.

This article was created to show you what the options are for regular big money idn poker tournaments, and look at the easiest fields, the biggest prize pools and of course the games with the most qualifying options.

I have compiled a list of 10 prestigious tournaments from the old version and PokerStars still has the largest number of buy-in tournaments. But only 1 entry covers it all. I will give you 4 best picks from various poker tournaments.

1. PokerStars Sunday Million trusted poker site

There is no other choice but the Sunday Million for a big buy-in tournament. Every Sunday around 7,000 players get together, either through qualifying or buying outright for $215, they fight for a $1,000,000 prize pool that sees winners with $150,000 or more, enough money to change your poker career forever.

What I like about this game is that so many players go through the satellite (which runs all week). Meaning the field is full of recreational players, making it easy compared to other bigger buy-in events.

There are more reasons to check out PokerStar, though for me the Sunday Million is a big one. Select Affiliate Marketing Code from the menu during registration and enter PSP3108, you can then enter bonus code STARS600 when making your first deposit to claim up to 3 welcome bonuses on 100% matches (up to $600 total). Other Big Buy-In Tournaments at

Warm Week, Entry $215, Guaranteed $500,000

Week, 500, Sign In $530, Guaranteed $300K

Hurricane Sunday, Entry $11, Guaranteed $300K.

Qualifying For Millions is the reason that Pokerstars Sunday Million + Sunday Warm Up continues to lead because they make it so easy to qualify for your seat for just a few dollars (or even frequent player points). With online Poker139, tournaments and even hyper-turbo games available, you can play the big ones faster than you think! Check out today. See you at the next Sunday Million.

2. Sunday Majors For US Players

The choice of US readers is getting better, with the Winning Poker Network now providing more competition for Chico Network and Carbon Poker (Join). The guarantee for this event is smaller than the global site because only a small number of players support the big event. For larger tournaments, US readers should regularly monitor the poker events hosted by these sites.

3. 888 Monthly “Whale” Poker Tournaments

The Whale – Sunday Major Of 888 Poker is a game that is promoted at number 3 on my list because it is probably the softest field you will find in a bigger buy game. The secret here is that 888 is just as big in the casino and betting world as it is in poker. That means a lot of traffic comes to the poker room with little or no knowledge of poker strategy.

The Whale itself is held every 4th Sunday and is a $250k guaranteed event with multiple satellite qualifiers (it’s in different ‘Steps’) or a $530 outright purchase. I suggest you check out 888 Poker – they have really cool software and promos aimed more at regular or occasional players than “pro grinders”… a great option.

4. Quarterly DGPoker Millions

Another regular game that attracts huge fields and even bigger prize collections. DGPoker already has a $250k guaranteed event on Sundays, and once per season they have a $1,000,000 guarantee on a $640 buy-in. Again there are many qualifiers, which run about 1 month in advance, ensuring that there is a wide field.

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The Most Money-Making Online Poker Gambling Game

Playing qq poker online for Android is a lot of fun especially if you can earn some money. Currently playing online gambling is no longer a strange thing. Anyone is free to choose to play online gambling on any site according to age restrictions. Especially now that there are poker games that can be played using Android.

The longer the time, the more technological sophistication in various fields. One of them is in the field of gambling games that can be played online. In the past, playing online gambling could only use a computer, now you can use Android. You can play poker from Android anytime and anywhere. register idn poker

It turns out that playing Android qq poker online has many advantages, one of which is making money. Image poker costs money although there are several types of poker games that are proven to make you money. So in addition to getting entertainment, by playing poker on Android you can earn Free.

Advantages of Playing Online Poker on Android
Can be played easily and quickly.
A definite advantage that you get when playing qqpoker using Android is its simplicity. Only by opening the application via Android can be directly played. No need to turn on a computer or laptop that takes a long time. Moreover, the internet connection on Android is also stable enough to play online poker.

Simplified display features.
Playing online poker on Android does have a slightly different look to the computer. A simpler display feature that makes it easier for players to understand. Playing with Android is much easier because the display is scaled down to fit the Android screen. Apart from playing, you can play anywhere as long as you have an internet connection. Poker139

Many people think that playing online poker is a waste of time and money. Even if you can use the game to always win, you can make money. There have been many people who have proven and managed to get rich from poker through Android. So it doesn’t hurt you to try playing qq poker online on Android.

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Facts About IDN Poker Official Site in Indonesia

Poker is a popular online gambling game and now also using an online system, more and more agents will be offered this game as well as those who are looking to find the best poker servers and also don’t support them.

IDN Poker is the reason why dedicated poker card game servers are also one that other bettors in the world question and they want one too.

IDN Poker Facts Are Still Leading As a Poker Server

IDN Poker has long been developed to be the best poker server that is still used by online gambling agents in Indonesia.

They understand that if this server does provide a lot of advantages over the accusation that the new agent will once again support buying their service, then the server chooses to use something else. Bettor also likes poker when he knows IDN is one of their servers.

Then why do bettors also have to choose an IDN to be the best server when playing poker and what can they get if they buy an IDN to play. list of poker139 gods

This server is a completely new server, but of course they always update some features that have been updated to provide the satisfaction of inviting rewards for all banners so that they can continue to optimize whatever is available and provided by several gambling agents. In addition, IDN Poker provides guarantees to all bettors who like to play poker as follows:

They guarantee honesty and trustworthiness for the bettor.
Nothing can be manipulated because the servers make this well so they invite some bettors to hit the poker jackpot easily. All games are carefully designed to provide a different yet exciting gambling experience. Beyond that, they are honest gambling companies or servers that do absolutely no harm.

Therefore you can help to ensure with what the agent orders and also never get a bad experience too, there are still people who ask for prizes for the pleasure of a successful bettor who wins.

They are the servers with the best reviews.
If you choose a gambling site, then you will choose the one that has good reviews in the eyes of several other bettors. But don’t just look at gambling site reviews, but try to look at the reviews given specifically for the server because the server provides gambling games. IDN has the best reviews from several bettors who have used their services, including from gambling agents, for their credibility.

Therefore you can choose to play the best poker gambling with popular servers that will combine them through this gambling world through online IDN Poker and also a little so that you can try playing gambling because this server is looking for the best for you to become a member.

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Advantages of Playing DominoQQ Online Gambling on the Official Site

If you are still not sure about the online dominoqq game, the following will explain the advantages for you. Playing gambling is very fun and profitable at the same time. That’s right, you as a gambler can easily get big profits. Of course, this is what makes gambling never empty of fans. idnplay poker list

Nowadays, gambling has developed along with the times. So, in this era it can be played using an online system on a site called IDN Poker. This online system has been around since May 2. While in Indonesia, at least one last edition of online gambling has arrived.

There are many choices of games that can be played, one of which is dominoqq gambling. Domino gambling was widely played even before online gambling. However, even though it is present in an online system, there are still many who doubt the main net qq. If you are also like that, consider the following main advantages of online dominoqq.
Can Play Gambling Wherever You Are
There are many advantages that can be obtained by compiling online. One of the advantages that can be understood in terms of easy to play. So, you can play dominoqq online wherever you want. Of course this is very challenging for you players.

Whether you are at home, in a shop, in a cafe or anywhere, as long as you can still connect to the internet, then you can play dominoqq gambling. So you will not pay to enjoy this gambling. Even if you are out of town, you will not be confused if you want the Poker139.
Can Play Gambling Whenever You Want
Besides being able to be played from anywhere, you as an online dominoqq gambling player can also enjoy gambling whenever you want. Of course you have played conventional dominoqq gambling. Conventional dominoqq cannot be done at any time because you have to ask friends, look for places, and so on.

However, in this online dominoqq system, you can play whenever you want. Of course it provides specifically for you. So you arrange to play dominoqq online, you can play this gambling either morning, night, afternoon or anytime.
Can Get Greater Benefits
Apart from the fun side of playing, the benefits can also be felt even greater. Because in online gambling, you as a player can get the jackpot. Jackpot is obtained when you have a certain combination of cards. Of course, you can’t hit the jackpot with a conventional dominoqq main compilation.

In addition to the jackpot, the bonus that is also given from this bonus you can get additional capital. So with the additional bonus provided by the dominoqq net bookie, you can even play domino gambling without the need to make a deposit again. Of course this is a very fun thing.
Start Playing DominoQQ Online
If you want to enjoy the thrill of dominoqq online, the steps are easy. You only need to register in one of the cities. There are many online bookies scattered on the internet. Of course you only need to make one choice.

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The Most Popular Types of Online Card Gambling Games in Indonesia

At first, poker was just a card gambling game that was quite exciting and interesting. But now the game of poker has developed. Moreover, there are modern poker games that are packaged more sophisticatedly, namely internet-based online. Online poker immediately managed to attract the attention of the world community, including in Indonesia. This card game is indeed quite difficult from the start and is included in one form of agility game. But thanks to this, poker has become an exciting and challenging game.

Currently there are many lists of trusted poker agent sites around the world. Each of these online poker sites certainly tries to provide the best service to online poker lovers. One way is to provide several different types of poker games, and each game offers its own level of fun. In this regard, in this review we will discuss the most popular types of games on the list of poker agent sites.

Types of Favorite Card Gambling Games Indonesian online poker sites

Of the several games available on every list of poker agent sites. There are many types of poker games that have managed to attract the attention of poker lovers. And to find out more details about the list of poker games, what are the most popular aliases on the list of poker agent sites. Here’s the list,

Poker is one of the most common poker139 games in agent sites list. It is a card game which is called as the first generation poker game. In this game as usual, each player will be dealt 2 hole cards each. Then you will be given the opportunity to think in each round before making a decision. The player who manages to get the highest card combination wins.
Dominoes is the second most popular type of poker game. Using a unique domino special card with a smaller size and there are black and red dots as a clue to calculate the value of each card. TidK uses a special trick. It is easy enough to master for most poker lovers.
Capsa Online are two types of capsa games that are usually available on the list of poker agent sites, namely capsa stacking and other types of capsa. Of the two types of capsa games. Capsa Susun is one of the most popular types of capsa games. This is a card game adapted from traditional card games from China, Asia. Capsa players must make 3 card arrangements consisting of 13 cards, each arrangement consisting of bottom, middle, and top.
Ceme is a card game that also uses dominoes. This game also does not require special trims in the game so it is very easy to master. This game also has a higher chance of winning. And in the ceme game you will be able to play as a dealer, and only in this ceme game you can have the opportunity to become a dealer.
The last game that is quite favorite is Omaha, which is a card game that is almost the same as the Texas Hold’em poker game. However, in the distribution of hole cards, each player is dealt 4 hole cards. Whereas in Texas Hold’em poker, only 2 hole cards are dealt. Omaha games are currently in great demand because they are fun and interesting. 

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Now who is not familiar with the latest online poker IDN agents? It is almost certain that most conventional gambling fans, will play online poker. On the other hand, online poker is the safest way to gamble. You don’t have to worry about security issues or anything else related to online gambling.

The presence of online poker IDN itself brings fresh air to its fans. Now to play poker, you no longer need to come to a land-based casino, you can play it only through a smartphone that you usually carry everywhere. Maybe this can be one of the reasons why many are interested in playing at the latest online poker IDN.

For those of you who are currently hesitant to play at IDN poker, maybe you should first read the following reasons why online poker gambling can be the right filler for free time. Let’s look at the following reviews for some reasons why you should play the latest online poker IDN.

IDN Poker Has 7 Popular Games
If you are a fan of poker gambling, you must already know that IDN Poker has many variations of games. There are several types of games that bettors can play. Easy to accept You won’t get bored easily with this game. Hopefully you can play in the most overpowered type to increase your chances of winning.

But overall, IDN poker offers a wide variety of games. There are some agents that may only provide limited games. Therefore you can Poker139 agents who provide various poker gambling games.

To get an IDN poker agent that offers several types of games, you can choose an experienced dealer. Usually they have provided 5 to 7 types of games for a long time. Understand that you will have no trouble finding which games are the best.

IDN Poker Offers Sophisticated Security System Online poker list
Considering the latest online IDN Poker is played online, every bookie provides a layered security system. Of course the goal is to provide double security for player data entered during registration. They guarantee the security of every data from members who join. Security includes all kinds of attacks from irresponsible parties.

Chance to Win and Get Big Jackpots
What do you want when you play at the newest IDN online bookies? Surely you can get big profits right? This is the most precise reason why you should immediately join IDN Poker. There are many opportunities to earn money besides winning.

Several types of bonuses that are often offered by online poker agents are referral bonuses, first deposit bonuses, cashback, and many others. In fact, every player also has the opportunity to buy the jackpot and get it. This jackpot prize is no joke, it can reach tens of millions of rupiah. Very interesting isn’t it?

Not a few world-class online poker players have managed to earn millions of dollars playing poker. Of course something like that can not be obtained instantly. It takes a lot of practice and you have to be patient when you lose. The key is never to give up and learn from the experience. Because in online poker gambling it doesn’t just rely on luck or hockey, it takes expertise in processing poker cards.

How did you become interested in playing at the latest online poker IDN? Hopefully some of the reasons above can be a motivation for those of you who are interested in joining one of the newest and most trusted online poker IDN agents.

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DGPoker Indonesia Official Android Online Poker Site

In this day and age, there are a lot of tempting offers from various sites circulating on the internet, especially you as a new player who wants to play online poker games. But don’t be wrong in choosing an existing online gambling betting agent, because currently there are a lot of fake online agents. Look for an IDN Poker agent who has official permission from the institution that issued the operational permit for online gambling agents.

With the development of technology, now people can find out about poker games through their smartphones without having to go through a laptop or computer. The development of increasingly sophisticated technology today makes it easier for online poker gambling players to realize their desire to get bigger profits.

Discussing about this Indonesian online poker game and the excitement of playing this game is certainly endless, and more importantly is the satisfaction and tension contained in this playing card game. And maybe some of you have already felt the excitement of playing this Indonesian online poker game and maybe some have not. Besides being fun to play, access to playing Indonesian poker games online is also very easy to access.

Because there are many websites that provide services to be able to play this Indonesian online poker game. But now with the times and the increasing popularity of playing card games in Asia, finally, many people pretend to be a trusted Poker139 dealer to seek profit for themselves but ignore all the players. Therefore, beginners are required to be careful at this stage.

Because if you get a few mistakes or are too hasty then you will only get a pretty big loss. Indonesian online poker games are one of the most interesting types of online games to play. In addition, this game is also very famous and popular among various groups of people in Asia, including Indonesia. If you want to try to register, then you can register on a trusted site,

What are you waiting for and what have you been thinking all this time? To play casino on our online gambling site which is trusted throughout Indonesia, it is officially and safe to play and if you are interested in playing online gambling on our site. All you have to do is register yourself with complete data, namely the type of bank, account name, account number and cellphone number and we will provide your account ID to play online gambling on our site and we also have customer service ready to serve 24 hours from all the online gambling you want to play on our site.

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Criteria for the Best and Official Online IDN Poker Sites

Playing gambling at the best online poker idn is a must. Because playing online gambling does not only look at the profit factor, but also considers security. There may be many online poker sites that offer lucrative lure bonuses, but in the end they bring in player deposit money. This is what is often experienced by new bettors who do not use certain considerations to choose an online poker site.

Surely you don’t want it if the money used to buy the deposit just disappears? This is why we must be smarter in sorting out which sites are trusted and which are fake gambling sites. In the modern era, it is not difficult for those who want to deceive bettors for personal gain. capsa stacking gambling site

Therefore, so that you do not participate, please later we have a list of criteria or the best and most trusted online poker IDN site agents that you can consider. Read the full explanation.

Have a Website with a Professional Look

One of the characteristics to distinguish which idn poker agent is trusted or not is to look at the appearance of the website. But actually this is not the only way to find out the credibility of an online poker gambling agent. Because they are also a lot of fraudsters who have the sophistication to outsmart the website.

However, there are several criteria that you must pay attention to when looking at the appearance of the IDN poker gambling site. Professional idn poker agents at least have some facilities and services provided to players. Some of the facilities provided include registration and playing, live chat features as 24-hour customer service, a list of available players, information on the number of players in the Poker139 active and currently playing.

In addition to knowing whether playing at IDN Poker online is the best or not by trying to use the live chat feature. Try to see if they respond to your chats quickly or not. A credible online poker gambling agent will definitely respond to all forms of questions and complaints quickly.
Have Various IDN Poker Games

Another criterion for the best online poker IDN is to provide a wide variety of poker games. As we know, there are several types of poker games that can be played. Players can decide for themselves which variation to play. That way they can adjust the game they are good at. Generally, poker agents provide more than 3 types of games.

This is different from an inexperienced IDN poker agent. Usually they only provide one type of game to make the service easier. Generally for the new IDN poker agent category, it offers a little variety of games. Therefore, it is recommended that you use or play at an Indonesian IDN Poker agent that provides variations of poker games.

What are the types of poker games? For example, such as capsa stacking, eccentric, eccentric, and many others. Each variation of the game also has its own profit opportunities. So you can adapt it to your abilities. To see the types of games provided, it is usually listed on the homepage of the IDN Poker agent site.
Providing More Than One Alternative Link

As we know that currently the best online poker IDN sites in Indonesia have been hit or blocked by the positive internet. That’s because gambling activities in Indonesia are indeed prohibited. So don’t be surprised if we find online poker gambling sites that cannot be opened using Indonesian servers.

One way to get around this might be to use a VPN or virtual private network. But to make things easier, you can use the alternative links provided by the site. Usually only experienced and professional online poker site agents provide alternative links for users. Not even just one, can be more than 5 alternative links.

What is an alternative link? An alternative link is a kind of alternative url address from another site to make it easier for users to access that site. So when a user can’t access one link, he can use another link. But there is no need to worry because even though there are several content links on the site, it is arranged in such a way that it is not different.

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Finding a Good Seat Position in Online Poker Games

The article that we will write this time is about how to choose a good sitting position in online poker games.

Has it ever occurred to us, actually the position of the seat in a poker game is very important and can affect our luck.

You also need to know that sitting position can determine your victory. If you can sit in the right place, the better your chances of winning.

Therefore always make sure to see where you sit when playing at an online poker agent. In the following, let’s look at the correct sitting position:

The Best Sitting Position The Button domino gambling site

The position of this chair is the best seat. if poker mania is in this position, you can be sure you will be the last in every betting round after the flop. This is not the Best Poker139 that

You should play anything and everything from scratch, but you should really control the scratch card requirements well before moving on to the next bet.

Terrible Seating Position Big Blind And Small Blind

Don’t be fooled by the table, you may be one of the last to wait for your turn, but for each round of betting after that, you will always be first or second.

You continue to play your best hand in this seat and ‘Fold’ every bad card. You will ‘Fold’ more often and your opponent will take advantage of this situation.

Neutral sitting position

This is where you are in a good and a bad position. This is where you will definitely be able to overcome whether other players fall mentally or confidently in front of you.

In this position later you will be the first or even the last in each round that occurs.

If you are in this position, you will not be able to act freely. However, with this position you will be able to turn things around easily when playing online poker games

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Online BandarQ Site With Highest Winrate and Easy Win

Talking about the BandarQ Online Indonesia Site which is in great demand by the public. Of course there are several sites that are most in demand by gambling lovers.

But you know, not all gambling sites have a lot of fans. Because there are some sites that still don’t qualify to be used as online bandarq sites that are easy to win to attract members.

For those of you who deal with the famous and most popular BandarQ Online Sites. Therefore, this article is perfect for you. We as admins will discuss about the online BandarQ Site which is in great demand by the Indonesian people.

The rapid increase in information technology has resulted in a lot of demand for digital internet-based online systems. Especially now that it is web-based online. Fans of Indonesian online poker sites are also not half-hearted.

From independent Indonesia, the majority of which are gambling players, almost 70% of the Indonesian population is loyal to online gambling sites. That’s why the admin created the article poker139 to help you find the right poker site for your needs. And many conveniences that you can get in it.

The BandarQ Online Site with the Highest Winrate, Easy to Win and Trusted in Indonesia, also has convenience that is ready to be felt directly by its members. Not only permanent members, new members are also instructed to get this convenience.

Here are some of the conveniences you get when you join the Poker139 Site.

Ease of Accessing the Web

The first convenience you get is accessing online gambling sites. The first introduction that implies is if online poker sites are easily accessible. Interest in a site will increase if the website is easily accessible.

And have alternative links in case of problems accessing the main site. Because the joy of members is the main priority for the BandarQ Online Indonesia site, which has a lot of interest.

Can be played on computer & cellphone

Currently electronic instruments appear with various frameworks. From computers, laptops to cellphones (HP) everything can be used to play online poker games. Characters can choose 2x which media to use according to their abilities. Which means there is an internet connection that is connected smoothly.

Affordable Deposits and Withdrawals

A website is said to be full of interest as long as there is a deposit and an affordable amount of funds. What we know is that Indonesia is a country whose majority income is below average. With that seed only to reach people who want to play online gambling. trusted poker agent

Example: Poker site139 Minimum Deposit & Withdrawal only Rp. 20,000 so that the majority of low-income earners can also enjoy online gambling games where there are 9 games in 1 account and the highest winrate reaches 99%.

Professional Service Facilities

The best services provided by the BandarQ Online Indonesia Site include fast and professional customer service. Provide official relevance publications that are ready to be contacted at any time in case of problems.

WhatsApp, Line and other social media that are directly connected to the site. Also the BandarQ Online website service facility 24 hours non-stop every day

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Popular Games And Easy To Win On Pkv Games Server

The Pkv Games server provides 9 games and the most popular, of the nine types of games provided by the Pkv Games server, the 3 games with the highest demand are Online Poker, DominoQQ and Bandar Online.

On this occasion we will try to explain a little about pkv games, pkv games is one of the largest online gambling servers in Indonesia. Where in the betting table not only players from 1 website only.

However, players from various websites use this Poker V Games (PKV Games) server. That way you can be sure that in poker v there will be no robots or cheating in playing. Because those who play in this game are all members from all over the web who use the poker v server.

It can also be interpreted that those who play are fellow members, besides that all fairplay games have no settings at all.

In the following, we will explain the most popular and easy games to win at poker139

Online Poker

Are you one of the many lovers of online poker games? If so, maybe you know the game of Texas Holdem.

Texas Holdem is one of the most popular online poker games enjoyed in Indonesia and even in all parts of the world until now. This game uses playing cards as a playing medium.


The BandarQ game or BandarQ Online Site is almost the same as the dominoqq game, both use domino cards. The difference is that the domino qq game gets 4 cards while the bandarq game only gets 2 cards.

This game is a game against the dealer by competing with the highest card, but if your card and the dealer have the same value then your card is declared defeated.


As the name implies, this game uses dominoes where 1 set of cards totals 28 and each card has a different number of points.

In this game a maximum of 6 players for each player will get 4 cards.

That’s the article about Popular and Easy Games to Win on the Pkv Games Server that we provide, hopefully it’s useful and you can try playing it.

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Tips for Choosing a Trusted Online BandarQ

The BandarQ Online game is a very popular game among other online gambling games. BandarQ Online games use the city system or mobile city. Each player has the right to become a dealer if he meets the requirements to become a dealer.
Currently, there are more and more BandarQ Online sites or agents circulating on the internet, so it is very important to pay attention to choosing an online bandarq site if you want to join.

Joining a secure and trusted BandarQ Online Agent Site is an important aspect that you need to know. Because you really have to go to the BandarQ online site which is really the best and give victory to all its members.

Playing and winning on the online bandarq site is the dream of every player. Here we will present tips for choosing a trusted online bandarq.

Choose a memorable site

You need to know that the site Online BandarQ reliable are websites that

is obtained from multiple sources, whether it is in Google, web, paid promotion or social media. Of course the site you choose is easy to remember and safe and reliable.
Choosing a site whose dealer account number is definite and clear
The purpose of this step is that we really need to pay attention to when making transactions on a site by seeing whether the account number is clear or not.

A safe and reliable online bookie site will work with local Indonesian banks for transactions. Our advice is to ask cs for the bank account number used so that there are no errors. Poker139

Have Many Games In 1 Account

The BandarQ Online site not only provides 1 game but provides many games such as Bandarq, poker, aduq, dominoqq, poker dealer, sakong, capsa stacking, bandar66, baccarat war (New Game)

The Bonus Offered Is Still Reasonable

Don’t be provoked by a site based on the amount of bonus given. Oversized bonuses are one of your transition materials to the site.
The secure and trusted BandarQ Online site only offers appetizing but logical bonuses.

Have Official Alternative Link

This is so that you as a player can still visit the site even though the site is blocked (positive internet) from Indonesia.

As an online gambling agent, it is an obligation to have an alternative link as a form of service to its members.

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The Secret to Winning Playing the Best Online Gambling Sites

Card games are one of the most popular games and are available on almost all types of devices.

Card games are more exciting and fun when played more casually and when relaxed, this game can be played online and it’s no wonder that online card games, or better known as popular ones, are the best and most trusted online gambling.

This time the Admin will provide information on the Secret to Winning Playing the Best Online Gambling Sites that can be played online and of course get fantastic profits. register idnplay poker 99

Online gambling is indeed widely licensed in several parts of the world. You can put this to good use, so you can get a lot of benefits online….However

If you have made bets at the game table and have prepared yourself both in terms of finances, physical and mental conditions, and dare to take risks in playing the best online gambling with real money. In addition, there are also secrets and you can find out how to win playing online gambling with real money.

Getting an advantage in playing online gambling with real money, of course you will be able to have fun. But there are secrets and ways so that you can win a lot in online gambling, this will be a refresher in a risk in the

gambling game that can not only control luck.

Basically, there are many things that bettors / online gambling players with real money don’t know who have just played, don’t even know the best sites. Because if we only see online gambling advertisements in various media, such as comic magazines, porn sites, and other online media, of course we cannot know whether the site can be trusted or not.

In addition, there are also various tips and tricks as well as secrets to win online gambling games easily. Here are the secrets and tips for playing trusted online gambling with real money. BandarQ Online

Choose a trusted online gambling site

Currently playing online gambling with real money, it’s a good idea to choose a place to play that is trusted and safe when playing at the betting table even without cheating. This right is to prevent playing fraud or fraud from unofficial online gambling sites.

Bringing capital as an early stage of play

In online gambling sites that are played with real money, you should prepare capital to play first, because the first capital is the initial capital to play at the betting table later.

Stop following your opponent’s style of play

In every game of various genres such as online poker, domino qiu qiu, adu qiu, dealer qiu, dealer poker, capsa stacking, sakong, bandar66 and baccarat war, never follow your opponent’s style when playing at the betting table. This is to avoid a bad way of playing for you. Poker139

Can control excessive emotions

Being able to play for a long enough duration and mastering the game very well in playing online gambling, regardless of the type of game and the most important thing is being able to control excessive emotions towards the games we play. Moreover, the game you are playing is a game that relies on strategy and high accuracy to win the game at the betting table.

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Register on the Best and Trusted Online Poker Sites

In terms of listing the best and most trusted poker sites, this would be the first for the career path to be taken in the world of online gambling, especially online poker gambling.

Online poker gambling is one of the many online gambling that can be played in Indonesia. In fact, you could even say, online poker is the best-selling gambling in Indonesia for online card gambling games today.

In Indonesia, there are many online gambling cards that can be played easily.

Indeed, there are many other online gambling that can be played easily in Indonesia, but most online poker gambling has a lot of fans in Indonesia.

In addition, there is a switch for online gambling, online football, and many other bets that can be played easily without having to think like playing online poker.

Online poker is an online gambling game that requires you to think wisely.

Thinking wisely will give you the opportunity to win in this online gambling.

In addition, when playing poker play on the best gambling sites. There are 24 hours online gambling sites the reason why the list of the best poker sites. The reasons we will discuss on this occasion. BadnarQ . location

Better Luck on the Best Poker Sites

There are many people who say, if you play on a trusted site, you will get a lot of benefits.

The advantages that can be obtained when playing on trusted sites will certainly make you more comfortable playing on online gambling sites, especially with the many wins that can be obtained on this trusted site.

The bonuses are many, the transactions are much easier , and more profits can be obtained when joining a trusted online gambling site.

All of these can be very strong reasons why you should join a trusted gambling site. Especially when it comes to financial gain, that would be a very good reason. Poker139

That’s the article about the list of the best and most trusted online poker sites that we provide, hopefully it will be useful and you can use it in the DominoQQ/Domino99 Online game

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The Biggest Online Jackpot Games PKV Server in Bandar Sakong

Every online gambling player wants to win every round of the game. It is undeniable that as players, of course, they hope to get double profits from the money they bet. Not infrequently the players do cheat tricks to get the win.
In addition to winning, players are also eyeing other things that can be profitable, one of which is the Jackpot. However, not all types of online gambling games have Jackpot bonuses. So if you want to get more profit, it’s a good idea to choose a game that has a jackpot. Like in PKV Games, namely Sakong Online.

Why do you have to play sakong?? because in this Sakong game you will be offered a large jackpot bonus. If you manage to get a combination of cards and hit the jackpot, you will definitely get a lot of benefits.

The following is a combination of the types of jackpot types with the number of payouts.

– A combination of AAA or Triple Ace – you have the right to take home all the jackpots on the table

– Combination of KKK or Triple King – Jackpot prize of 500k

– Combination of QQQ or Triple Queens – Jackpot prize of 400k

– Combination of JJJ or Triple Jacks – Jackpot prize of 300k

– Combination 10 10 10 or Triple 10 – Jackpot prize 200k

– Combination of 3 images (random) – 50k jackpot jackpot prize

You also need to know before there is a misunderstanding in the jackpot payout. You must place a jackpot/JP bet on each round of your bet to be able to follow this jackpot system. The nominal purchase of this jackpot is quite affordable, only Rp. 1,000,- only. BandarQ site

Easy Ways to Get Sakong Jackpot register idnpoker

To get a jackpot bonus is also not an easy thing, if you do not have experience or knowledge about this online Sakong game. But you don’t need to worry, here we will provide an easy way to get the jackpot in the online Sakong game

long game

The logic here is like playing lottery online, you can buy the number for days to be guarded every time the number is open. Likewise, the quick way to get this Sakong jackpot is to linger playing certain tables without changing tables. If it’s not hockey, try changing your sitting position but still playing at the table. Poker139

Play at high JP table

In my experience playing sakong online pkv games, JP sakong will not reach 1.5 million on the table. So the trick to winning playing the second online Sakong here is that you first find a table in which there is a large JP Sakong.

Usually I look for a sakong table whose JP is not less than 800 thousand, and is free to play at a table with a minimum of big or small bets as long as the JP is around 800 thousand

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Guide And How To Play Online Bacarat War To Win

Maybe for some people Baccarat War still sounds foreign. Because this game was only launched about a month ago and is only available on PKV Games servers. So on this occasion we will review a guide on how to play the game.
Baccarat is one of the favorite games in casinos where players have the opportunity to choose bets on Banker/Player/.

Both the Banker/Player must find the card with the highest number of 9s. Because that card is called the highest card in this game.

How and Guidelines for Playing Baccarat War Poker88 Asia

Baccarat War is a little different from the Baccarat game at the poker. If you play Baccarat at the casino, initially 2 cards will be divided first, both the Banker and the Player. While Baccarat War will be directly distributed 3 cards to each player.

For this type of card, the game has the same calculation is the card 10, J, Q, K is 0 (0), if Ace / Ace only worth 1. You are required to know the number of calculation cards Site Poker139 .

Card Value in Baccarat War:

> 2 to 9 = according to the value of the card.
> 10, J, Q, K = 0 (ZERO)
> US / Ace = 1

Calculation of the number of draws on the largest card combination in the game Baccarat War:

> A + A +8 = 10 is 10
> 5 + 5 + 8 = 18 is 8
> 10 + 7 + K = 27 is pure 7

3 cards will be given to each player at the game table. Each player has two chances to win by selecting the player/banker to win.
How to play in Baccarat War is quite easy and without the hassle of calculating it. BandarQ site

Easy Ways to Win Baccarat War

For those of you who want to win easily with only minimal capital but give big wins, you can try playing the Baccarat War game. The potential in playing the Baccarat War table game site is very easy for us to play by ensuring the right tricks. The easiest playing technique and can get achievements with overall wins of up to several million rupiahs every day. idn poker online

Some players make Banker the best choice for profit. Because in this Baccarat War game it is very easy to explain some of the latest techniques to get profit by optimizing the most amazing income, which generates the biggest profit in all of Indonesia.

By entrusting the ability to rely on profits in the game Baccarat War, you can achieve optimal profits. Where this game is quite easy and easy to get bigger wins. Poker list139

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