Criteria for the Best and Official Online IDN Poker Sites

Playing gambling at the best online poker idn is a must. Because playing online gambling does not only look at the profit factor, but also considers security. There may be many online poker sites that offer lucrative lure bonuses, but in the end they bring in player deposit money. This is what is often experienced by new bettors who do not use certain considerations to choose an online poker site.

Surely you don’t want it if the money used to buy the deposit just disappears? This is why we must be smarter in sorting out which sites are trusted and which are fake gambling sites. In the modern era, it is not difficult for those who want to deceive bettors for personal gain. capsa stacking gambling site

Therefore, so that you do not participate, please later we have a list of criteria or the best and most trusted online poker IDN site agents that you can consider. Read the full explanation.

Have a Website with a Professional Look

One of the characteristics to distinguish which idn poker agent is trusted or not is to look at the appearance of the website. But actually this is not the only way to find out the credibility of an online poker gambling agent. Because they are also a lot of fraudsters who have the sophistication to outsmart the website.

However, there are several criteria that you must pay attention to when looking at the appearance of the IDN poker gambling site. Professional idn poker agents at least have some facilities and services provided to players. Some of the facilities provided include registration and playing, live chat features as 24-hour customer service, a list of available players, information on the number of players in the Poker139 active and currently playing.

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In addition to knowing whether playing at IDN Poker online is the best or not by trying to use the live chat feature. Try to see if they respond to your chats quickly or not. A credible online poker gambling agent will definitely respond to all forms of questions and complaints quickly.
Have Various IDN Poker Games

Another criterion for the best online poker IDN is to provide a wide variety of poker games. As we know, there are several types of poker games that can be played. Players can decide for themselves which variation to play. That way they can adjust the game they are good at. Generally, poker agents provide more than 3 types of games.

This is different from an inexperienced IDN poker agent. Usually they only provide one type of game to make the service easier. Generally for the new IDN poker agent category, it offers a little variety of games. Therefore, it is recommended that you use or play at an Indonesian IDN Poker agent that provides variations of poker games.

What are the types of poker games? For example, such as capsa stacking, eccentric, eccentric, and many others. Each variation of the game also has its own profit opportunities. So you can adapt it to your abilities. To see the types of games provided, it is usually listed on the homepage of the IDN Poker agent site.
Providing More Than One Alternative Link

As we know that currently the best online poker IDN sites in Indonesia have been hit or blocked by the positive internet. That’s because gambling activities in Indonesia are indeed prohibited. So don’t be surprised if we find online poker gambling sites that cannot be opened using Indonesian servers.


One way to get around this might be to use a VPN or virtual private network. But to make things easier, you can use the alternative links provided by the site. Usually only experienced and professional online poker site agents provide alternative links for users. Not even just one, can be more than 5 alternative links.

What is an alternative link? An alternative link is a kind of alternative url address from another site to make it easier for users to access that site. So when a user can’t access one link, he can use another link. But there is no need to worry because even though there are several content links on the site, it is arranged in such a way that it is not different.

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