Easy Ways to Get RP Points for the Higgs Domino Game

To make people feel at home and interested in playing the game, of course there are rewards. This Higgs Domino game provides a fairly large bonus RP points for players to win the game. The more RP collected, the player can exchange it in the form of pulses.

That’s one of the reasons why this game judi online is getting more and more popular. Not only that, various types of games are also available, ranging from domino, rummy, yoker and other types of card games. There are even games of chess and ludo.

Of course this will make it easier for players to choose the type of game they want and the opportunity to get RP points. Well, for those who like to play Higgs Domino, here I share tips on how to easily get RP points easily.

Here’s How to Get Higgs Dominoes RP Points
1. Playing Cards 41
In this type of game you have to get 41 to make the game easy to get RP. You only play stacking cards until you reach a value of 41 then you can get 100 RP points. The bigger the betting table you play, the more RP points you can get.

2. Play Rummy
If you used to love playing cards, you must be familiar with playing rummy. Yep, in this game you will arrange as many as 6 cards in sequence or the same number to win.

Each round there are different tasks to get RP points, for example you have to arrange twin cards like tris A and win the game. Even so, this is not a problem if you are an expert in playing this rummy. And also of course the RP points you get are quite large when there are special tasks.

3. Ludo Game
This game has just been released by Higgs Domino. If you like playing ludo, this game can also be an option to get lots of RP points. In the game you can get RP every time you kick your opponent’s pawn back to the start. And of course you can get bigger when you win the game.

4. Play Double Bonus Time
Higgs Domino island rp provides a double bonus at certain times which allows you the opportunity to get double RP points than usual. So try to be able to play at the specified double bonus time so you can get more RP points.

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