Game Judi Online : Slot Night of Living Tales (Evoplay)

Night of Living Tales Online Slot Game is the latest slot game from Evoplay having 5×3 reels, allowing you to bet on 20 lines and then win from them. It says that the potential win is up to 3,373 times your bet, although it could be better due to the high volatility.

This slot game has an RTP of up to 96.20%, the overall game performance is good. Its main features range from wilderness to blue or red flowers, which will activate the free spins and Wild features.

Features in the Slot game Night of the Living Tales
While there are many different events that can be triggered in different ways, there is only one function symbol.

You can view and use wild magic books on the scrolls. Magic books can be used instead. If a new combination is to be formed, any type of symbol can be used.

You can get free spins through win or lose spins. To get this function, you need a total of 5-5 consecutive spins of one or the other of a kind. Basically, you will be rewarded for winning streaks.

First of all, we have a blue flower, which activates next to the Snow White statue, with each new winning spin you experience. Remember, you need to make 5 consecutive winning spins to trigger the free spins, otherwise the progress will be reset.

If the collection is successful, you will see that the statue is still alive, and the next 7 free spins of “Snow White” will be triggered. At this point, getting 5 consecutive winning spins will trigger 7 Light Free Spins for you.

This version of the feature gets a special wild symbol judi online, which appears on reels 2 and 4. Each time a new Light Wild appears, additional free spins will be awarded.

Second, we also have a red flower appearing on top of the witch statue. Again, you need to activate five flowers, but this time go through 5 failed rounds in a row. Once done, the wizard will be resurrected and you will get 5 free spins.

Wizard free spins will also give you a chance to advance to another level, and now you need 7 consecutive spins without winning to do this. The result will be 5 dark free spins.

During the “Dark Free Spins” period, a special “Dark Wilderness” will appear on reels 1, 3, and 5. Each time they appear, they become sticky, and then a feature multiplier is added 1x, which will be applied to all wins at the end of the free spins .

Night Of Living Tales Online Slot Game theme and design from Evoplay
While the “Snow White” story may be inspiring, it seems to be just an excuse for the developers, and hasn’t been fully introduced yet. There were no seven dwarves in sight, only Snow White and the witch frozen on the rocks on the left and right of the scroll. It looks like the scroll is in a garden, with flowers on both sides, and a stone path at the character’s feet.

This is not a long list of symbols, and they are not very interesting either. Magic book is your wild and high value symbol, show us necklace, comb and key. The low symbol is four coins, each colored with gold, silver, copper, and green. A special wild potion symbol has also been added for some of the free spins variants.

In conclusion
The “Night of the Living Dead” Online Slot Game looks beautiful, and the design is darker than usual, especially in the “Snow White” inspired game. I love the potential and functionality of this, especially the way you get free spins on a losing or winning streak. To get a better version of the free spins, I don’t like the way it repeats these lines. Nonetheless, due to the increasing volatility, it is still an interesting game to try, but not everyone can try it.

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