Game Judi Online : Slot Take Olympus (Betsoft)

The Take Olympus slot machine is a new online slot machine from software provider Betsoft and has 5 reels and 50 paylines, allowing you to learn more about the importance of Greece and Greek mythology.

If you feel interested enough to decide to climb this sacred mountain, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with Zeus, Apollo, Poseidon, Hades and the beautiful goddess Aphrodite. Get ready to face the ancient gods here, face them at your favorite trusted online gambling site. With a little luck, you can enjoy immortality with abundant gifts from the powerful.

How to Play Take Olympus slot game
It’s time to visit Mount Olympus, and all you need to do beforehand is set your bets.

The Quick Bet Panel has +/- which will help you scroll up and down to select bets.
The spin will get the reels moving once you’ve decided on your desired bet.
Auto spin will make the reels spin automatically without any interruption for a certain number of times.
Slots Features
This slot online terpercaya game features a 10 cycle mechanic with Dewa as the main character there. Every 10 spins, the God Cycle will start again, and a new God will take power over the spinning reels.

Each God has their own special power, and each God builds up their power over a cycle which then results in a demonstration of power with the God Event. The person who will set the reels for a 10 spin cycle is chosen at random, but no God will appear multiple times in a row.

Apollo was the son of Zeus and the twin brother of Artemis. He is known as the god of medicine, poetry, and healing. As the Apollo cycle begins, you can expect that any Apollo symbols or bows and arrows that fall will be marked and remain the same throughout the cycle. In the final round (10th round), Apollo will emit a bright light, and all marked spaces will become Wilds, which can provide assistance to all symbols except Zeus.

When Aphrodite’s time comes, any Aphrodite or Leaf symbols that hit the reels will be marked, and these dots will stay that way throughout the cycle. In the last 10th round, each marked space will turn into a Mystery Box which will later turn into a randomly selected non-Wild symbol.

We all know that this person is the god of the ocean. After it’s time to set the wheel, all Poseidon symbols or trident symbols that appear on the wheel will increase the counter by 1. The cycle will give you a total ReSpins equal to the number displayed on the counter.

The fearsome and honorable cycle of underworld leaders will increase the multiplier for every Hades or Cerberus symbol that hits the reels. The resulting multiplier which has accumulated over a 10-spin cycle during Hades’ reign, will be applied to wins on the last spin.

Finally, the Almighty God – Zeus. When he had time to master the scrolls, he would reap the power of all the other gods. Zeus himself is a beast, and seems to be 4 symbols tall. If the remaining 4 gods appear on the reels in a circle, Zeus can award 10 free spins.

With the help of Apollo, Zeus can reward 5 or more wilderness on the reels, and with the help of Aphrodite, Zeus can choose 5 or more symbols to become mysterious symbols. Hades will help Zeus apply a larger multiplier to the rotation, and Poseidon and Zeus will cause damage by introducing many additional rotations that will be added to the existing rotation.

Take Olympus is a beautifully designed slot game with some great and interesting features that add a breath of freshness to the gameplay. Since the theme is quite well known, these features mean a lot to the world, and we really appreciate Betsoft going the extra mile.

Now, this slot game definitely has some downsides, but they can be ignored for sure. What we noticed more was the 95.49% RTP, but when we look at the max win x2328 with low volatility, this definitely makes this slot worth your time. Claim your rightful place in the Pantheon and see if you too can become one of the greatest.

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