How to Calculate the IDN Poker Online Ceme Jackpot

How to Calculate the Ceme Jackpot Online IDN Poker – Rules for dividing the Ceme Jackpot. is one of the important conditions that must be mastered by the most important gamblers in ceme games. As you already know, the Ceme game also uses a card type similar to the domino qiu-qiu or bandarq game. What distinguishes the domino qiu qiu is only in position.

Indeed, there are very few ways to make a chance and then earn dividends on this ceme game. One of them is to use Jackpot Ceme which has been provided by agents. there are two types of Ceme Jackpot in the ceme game is the free paid ceme jackpot.

Rules for Splitting the Ceme Jackpot

The rules for dividing the Ceme Jackpot. For that, for those of you who will study how to get the Ceme Jackpot, we will tell you in detail below:

Jackpot Ceme Scheme

This Ceme game consists of players, who will each get 2 cards in one game cycle;. To get the Ceme Jackpot, the cards you get as a player must be aggregated. This means that even if your card has reached the value to get the jackpot, if the card does not contain conditions, then you cannot get the jackpot.

There are a number of card mixes called special cards as a benchmark for Asian Online Poker Sites to get the Ceme Jackpot. This card is certainly a little bit earned, but it’s a perfect gift if you hit the jackpot once so that your profit will be doubled.

Sharing the Ceme Jackpot

Next, we present special cards such as what is used as a benchmark to get the Ceme Jackpot:

Special cards in ceme

The special cards in the ceme game are similar to the special cards found in the qiu-qiu domino game. if you get a special card below, so it will be a big chance for you to get the Jackpot Ceme.

Minimal original card

This is a special card whose order is at the end of the others, the amount of breaking or breaking must be between 6 to 9 circles if no other player has a special card, so you are sure that you are the winner. The special cards that can conquer this card are big real cards, bar cards, six gods or six devil cards.

Big original card

In the third line is a large original card that is. To get this card, the card danda card must total from 39 to 41 circles. If you have this card, there is no other player who has a special card that is higher than your card, so you can be sure that you are the winner.

Bar card or bandung

After the original card is large, the next card is a special trunk which is located one level above the original large card. To get this special card, your two cards must be a match or a match, and so on. Players who can beat you are only six gods or six devil cards.

Six gods card

The six god card is a special card in the first line, in other words this card is the strongest card from what I said just now. Your two cards per total six, as well as cards. only a lot of people with good morals can get this card.

Ceme Jackpot Prize

There are at least three types of Jackpot Ceme alternatives that you can buy are 100, 500, 1000.
Prize Count for Jackpot Ceme:

  • SIX GODS x 6666 jackpot price you buy (illustration: you execute a purchase of 1000 up to: 1000 X 6666 = 6. 666. 000)
  • STICK CARD x 200 jackpot price you buy (illustration: you make a purchase of 1000 up to: 1000 X 200 = 200. 000)
  • Minimum original CARD x 50 jackpot price you buy. (illustration: you make a purchase of 1000 so: 1000 X 50 = 50. 000)
  • LARGE original CARD x 50 jackpot price you bought (illustration: you make a purchase of 1000 up to: 1000 X 50 = 50. 000)

That’s our description regarding how the rules for dividing the Ceme Jackpot are. After reading our description, you should understand the rules for dividing it.

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