How to Calculate the ODDS Value of Football Gambling

How to Calculate the ODDS Value of Football Gambling

If you only read from the explanation, it might still be incomprehensible, so you must understand how to calculate the ODDS for soccer betting and use it correctly to win bets.

Let’s take the example of the match between Real Madrid and daftar parlay Manchester United. In this match, Real Madrid scored 0.5 voor for Manchester United. From the kei value, it shows that Man United has scored 0-0.5 or goals before the match starts.

Then Manchester United’s odds value is 1.06 (usually marked in black), and Real Madrid has a value of -1.13 (will be marked in red).

From this number, if you place a bet for Manchester United and succeed, you will get more wins than the initial bet.

Say for example the score 2-0 for the Manchester United team, then your total winnings is IDR 100,000 multiplied by 1.06. You will get a total win of up to IDR 106,000. But if United loses, you will only lose the initial bet money, which is IDR 100 thousand.

However the conditions will be different if you place a bet for Real Madrid. If you win, you will get a result only equal to the nominal bet you played. But if you lose, you will be charged an additional ODDS fee.

If you look at this explanation, it’s not surprising that many players consider soccer gambling ODDS as a benchmark to make it easier to win. Players will tend to make bets according to the value of kei.

The Importance of Understanding and Reading ODDS

Playing soccer betting online is not easy. Your victory is largely determined by the final result of a football match in the real world. Unlike other gambling that uses a system.

So, as a player you have to understand the value of the kei/ODDS and know how to calculate the winnings. Moreover, this value is also related to the total winnings that you can get.

If you play just guessing without clear consideration, then what you will get is defeat to big losses. Especially for players who really don’t understand football at all, the odds will be quite helpful.

Although it can’t be used as the only benchmark, but at least you as a player already understand the function and how to calculate it. Come on, try for yourself the excitement of this sports gambling. Get big wins with the first step in understanding soccer gambling ODDS, hopefully it will be useful.

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