How to Create a Free Higgs Domino Account Safe From Hackers

As a game that has an element of money, of course Higgs domino is also the target of hackers. Yep, especially the free domino Higgs account is currently widely used by many people as a source of income for both players and chip sellers.

Therefore, of course you need to be vigilant and prepare protection so that your domino higgs account is safe from hackers. Also, if you have a lot of chips, be careful because hackers can snoop on your account. But don’t worry, related to this, this time BugisTekno will provide tips you need to know so that the domino higgs account is safe and avoids being targeted by hackers.

How to Create a Free Higgs Domino Account Safe From Hackers
1. Create a Visitor Account

When you first open the game Higgs Domino, there are two options that you can choose to create an account, namely through Facebook and a visitor account situs judi slot online terpercaya. Well, for this first tip, my advice is to create a visitor account, not an account related to Facebook.

The reason is, because the free domino higgs account connected via facebook will be the same as your facebook name. So it can be easily tracked by hackers. Especially if you hit the jackpot, because your account name will appear to all players.

It’s different if you create a visitor account, your free dominoes account name will adjust to the type of cellphone you use. So that hackers find it difficult to identify your account and ID.

Well, this first tip is very important for those of you who hold a lot of chips for buying and selling chips or something else. However, you also need to be vigilant, use strong and difficult to guess passwords. And also make sure you take note of your ID so it doesn’t get lost.

2. Avoid Phishing

When you hold a large number of chips, you should be aware that hackers will follow you. So, apart from a secure visitor account, you should also avoid phishing links or other offers that lure you into entering your account password.

So, be aware and never be tempted by big offers if they lure you into sharing your ID and password. In addition, phishing also has the potential to enter a virus into your phone and then try to steal data or information that you store on your phone, including your passwords.

3. Avoid Mod Applications

Next, the thing you need to know is the use of mod applications. So, a mod application is an application that has been modified in such a way to provide the features we want.
For example, for applications related to free domino higgs accounts, namely x8 speeder . Now many mod versions are circulating on the internet with offers without annoying ads.

But, did you know that behind the person who makes the mod application there is a specific purpose? Yep, what we need to worry about is that the application could be infected with malware or worse, it could record our ID and password.

Therefore, avoid using mod applications, because they have the potential to threaten the security of your free domino higgs account. So you have to be careful, Happy Playing and Happy Victory.

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