How to Play Asian Handicap Street Football Betting

How to Play Asian Handicap Street Football Betting

Asian Handicap betting or street soccer betting sometimes makes novice members confused, so here we will provide information on how to play 1×2 street ball gambling in full. For those of you who just want to start this soccer betting game, read this article to the end to increase your knowledge about online soccer betting gambling games.

A) How to Play Asian Handicap Street Ball Betting

The very first step you must have is an official soccer agent account daftar situs judi bola resmi dan terpercaya or user id from sbobet, namely , in order to be able to follow bets and log into the soccer gambling site . For those of you who don’t have an account, you can contact Customer Service, which is available online at Live Chat, or you can directly fill out the registration form on the website menu.

Then, as seen in the image above, to start betting on the asian handicap street ball you must select the Sport menu then click Today. Where in accordance with the understanding of street ball betting is a bet that is in progress (ongoing).

NB: EARLY bets are bets on dead ball markets (not road balls).

B) Installation of Asian Handicap Street Ball Position Score 0-0

Like in Asian handicap soccer betting in general or dead ball markets. The 0-0 position is the easiest to understand, because your benchmark is only on the score and voor of the ball.

In the picture above, for the match AC Milan Vs Lazio, the time score is 0-0. if you choose AC Milan which gives voor 0.50 (1/2) ball for Full Time, then at least AC Milan must win with a minimum score of 1 goal.

For example: If you choose AC Milan with a voor of 0.5 balls and when the score is 0-0 then the final score is 1-0 then you are declared a full win.
because AC Milan only needs to lead by 1 goal, then you who give voor 1/2 ball to the opponent, automatically win in full

If you choose Lazio who are given 0.50 (1/2) balls for full time, then until the match ends AC Milan cannot win.

Example: if you choose Lazio and are given a 0.5 ball voor when the score is 0-0, and until the end of the match no goals are scored then you are declared a full win. Because Lazio won voor 0.5 ball or winning 1/2 ball.C) Installation of the Asian Handicap for Street Ball Gambling, the Position Score is not 0-0

It’s quite complicated to be able to quickly understand the rules of this street soccer betting, especially if one team is in the lead, or there have been goals in both teams competing. Because most members will definitely be confused to determine the final result. Some say he should have won because he was ahead from the start. However, the calculation of the Asian handicap for street soccer gambling is not like that.

Therefore, here we will explain the rules from the official soccer agent sbobet which will provide a little explanation for those of you who like to play street soccer betting, especially asian handicap. For you, novice players, you must read this article to the end so that you can understand the rules about street ball games.

In the picture above, you want to put up a match between Southampton vs Liverpool, but Liverpool’s position is already 0-2. Here you can see that the ball voor is only 1/4 ball, for those who don’t understand the asian handicap game for street balls, you will automatically choose Liverpool, which has already won by 2 goals.

If until the game ends the score is still 0-2 then you will be confused when it appears in the statement that your position has lost half the capital money, how come? Because your position gave Southampton 1/4 ball voor, but Liverpool didn’t score at all until the game ended.

You will be declared a winner if Liverpool is 1 goal ahead or the score is 0-3, 0-4, 1-4, 0-5, 1-5 or 2.5 then you are considered a full win.

Example: If you choose Liverpool voor 1/4 time, the score is 0-2 and the final result is 1-2, you lose in full. Because the opposing team managed to patch 1 goal plus voor 1/4 ball.

An easy example of understanding the above:

[0-2] = [0-0]
[1-2] = [1-0]
[2-2] = [2-0]
[0-3] = [0-1]
[1-3] = [1-1]
[2-3] = [2-1]
[0-4] = [0-2]
you take the position 0-2, if the final score remains 0-2, it will be considered 0-0.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 1-2, it will be considered 1-0.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 2-2, it will be considered 2-0.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 0-3, it will be considered 0-1.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 1-3, it will be considered 1-1.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 2-3, it will be considered 2-1.
you take the position 0-2, if the final score is 0-4, it will be considered 0-2.

NB: Please distinguish, where when you take a bet on a position 0-0, 0-1, or 0-2.

D) How to Know which Street Ball Betting “Will Be Installed”

Before you want to place a bet, you must first check whether it is according to your wishes, lest when it is accepted that the bet you have placed is not what you want. Then bets that have been placed will not be able to be canceled, because in member bets that have been accepted there is no feature to cancel your bet.

The two pictures above are bets that will be placed (not yet submitted). Where the information is clearly stated, in what party, what team, and how many matches have been scored. So there is no reason that you are mistaken or see wrong.

E) How to Know a Street Ball Bet that is “Installed”

Most members don’t know/don’t want to know what they installed, and what will happen next. To become a Professional Gambler, or a Reliable Gambler, you must know what you have placed, and know what results you must achieve to win at the bet.

There are also some members who are often “wrong” or not aware when installing, and want to know what they are installing. Here’s how to find out what you installed at the time.

My Bets is the perfect place to answer your questions. Yes, that’s the bet you’ve made. And for the picture above, it is written in full what bets we have placed, how much we have placed, and at what time we placed the score.

For example:
5142832708 | 03/20 09:53:38
Southampton -vs- Liverpool
Southampton [0.25@0 : 2] @ -1.42 |
FTB HDP 25.00 Running

5142832708 is your bet id, your bet number.
03/20 09:53:38 is the date and time you place your bet, calculated in (GMT -4)
Southampton -vs- Liverpool is the match you selected.
Southampton [0.25@0 :2] @ -1.42 | is the team you choose (Southampton), save 0.25 ball (1/4 ball), with odds -1.42

FTB HDP 25.00 Running is your bet of 25 thousand and has been legally accepted by Sbobet, for Fulltime Handicap mode. (NB: FTB is not Full Time, the meaning of FTB has not been found. Because even for the first round bet, there is still FTB writing on the side)
(NB: For first round bets only, the writing is FTB FH.HDP 25.00 Running)

Those are a few (several) explanations in the ways and rules for Playing Street Ball betting on Asian Handicap on Sbobet. If you have questions that are not discussed in this article, you can directly contact CS via Live Chat, BBM, YM, Line, We Chat, Facebook, and from anywhere, our online operator will be ready to answer your questions.

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