The Biggest Poker Tournament of All Time

With many idn poker sites offering weekly showcase tournaments so players can qualify for cheap, the competition for the “big money” header is fierce.

This article was created to show you what the options are for regular big money idn poker tournaments, and look at the easiest fields, the biggest prize pools and of course the games with the most qualifying options.

I have compiled a list of 10 prestigious tournaments from the old version and PokerStars still has the largest number of buy-in tournaments. But only 1 entry covers it all. I will give you 4 best picks from various poker tournaments.

1. PokerStars Sunday Million trusted poker site

There is no other choice but the Sunday Million for a big buy-in tournament. Every Sunday around 7,000 players get together, either through qualifying or buying outright for $215, they fight for a $1,000,000 prize pool that sees winners with $150,000 or more, enough money to change your poker career forever.

What I like about this game is that so many players go through the satellite (which runs all week). Meaning the field is full of recreational players, making it easy compared to other bigger buy-in events.

There are more reasons to check out PokerStar, though for me the Sunday Million is a big one. Select Affiliate Marketing Code from the menu during registration and enter PSP3108, you can then enter bonus code STARS600 when making your first deposit to claim up to 3 welcome bonuses on 100% matches (up to $600 total). Other Big Buy-In Tournaments at

Warm Week, Entry $215, Guaranteed $500,000

Week, 500, Sign In $530, Guaranteed $300K

Hurricane Sunday, Entry $11, Guaranteed $300K.

Qualifying For Millions is the reason that Pokerstars Sunday Million + Sunday Warm Up continues to lead because they make it so easy to qualify for your seat for just a few dollars (or even frequent player points). With online Poker139, tournaments and even hyper-turbo games available, you can play the big ones faster than you think! Check out today. See you at the next Sunday Million.

2. Sunday Majors For US Players

The choice of US readers is getting better, with the Winning Poker Network now providing more competition for Chico Network and Carbon Poker (Join). The guarantee for this event is smaller than the global site because only a small number of players support the big event. For larger tournaments, US readers should regularly monitor the poker events hosted by these sites.

3. 888 Monthly “Whale” Poker Tournaments

The Whale – Sunday Major Of 888 Poker is a game that is promoted at number 3 on my list because it is probably the softest field you will find in a bigger buy game. The secret here is that 888 is just as big in the casino and betting world as it is in poker. That means a lot of traffic comes to the poker room with little or no knowledge of poker strategy.

The Whale itself is held every 4th Sunday and is a $250k guaranteed event with multiple satellite qualifiers (it’s in different ‘Steps’) or a $530 outright purchase. I suggest you check out 888 Poker – they have really cool software and promos aimed more at regular or occasional players than “pro grinders”… a great option.

4. Quarterly DGPoker Millions

Another regular game that attracts huge fields and even bigger prize collections. DGPoker already has a $250k guaranteed event on Sundays, and once per season they have a $1,000,000 guarantee on a $640 buy-in. Again there are many qualifiers, which run about 1 month in advance, ensuring that there is a wide field.

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