Tips and How to Win Playing on the PKV GAMES Server

Many do not predict what you can do if you don’t want to win playing online gambling on the PKV GAMES server.

You can apply some tricks in gambling games and pkv games by following the steps below:

1. Play Savety (Play Safe)

If the goal is to play bandarq games online, then this method is perfect for playing poker139 for you to play on pkv games. Playing safe or safe means that when playing online gambling you win 50% of your total deposit. Then immediately withdraw your wealth.

For example, if you deposit Rp. 100,000 and win Rp. 50,000, then you can withdraw 50,000 thousand or withdraw your capital, which is 100,000 thousand in the game. This is

 to provide a bigger winning turn and a smaller margin of elimination.

Choose Game with City

As explained above pkv games has 9 games. And among the 9 games, 5 of them are games that have cities. These are bandarq, poker bookies, sakong dealers, 66 dealers and baccarat wars.

Admin takes 1 line is bandarq, to ​​become a dealer you must have enough chips. Your role model plays at 1000 tables, so the requirement to become a real dealer must have a chip of Rp. 50.000,-. If there is a dealer in this game, then try to find a table of 2-3 dealers. Why? This means presupposing a card you get with another dealer Poker139

How to Win Playing on the PKV GAMES Server?

In the game if your card is damaged in the game at the time of the dealer then move the game table and after all if your card is better than the other dealer, then keep your table. The official form of the dealer in the online bandarq game has a higher percentage of the dealer’s legitimate win of 85% where if the dealer’s card is in a draw with the bettor then the dealer’s legitimate win.

Choose Game with Jackpot

Every online card game must have a jackpot. Of the 9 gambling games on pkv games, there are 5 games that have hidden jackpots. Among them are poker, poker dealers, sakong, capsa stacking and dominoqq. You can try playing at poker139 which provides a million rupiah jackpot.

Use Id Pro to play in PKV GAMES

You can do an easy way to win playing pkv games by using a pro pkv games id. Where in this method many bettors use it and are reliable and effective in winning.

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