Here I will discuss how to play spadegaming fishing god.

This article that we present to you is a step to playing arcade or slot games, which of course are based online.

You can also play more than 500 arcade games or online slots.

Here we will provide a discussion of the steps in playing it.

Fish Shooting Games will be at the end of this thread where you can easily play Spadegaming Fish Shooting.

To be able to start playing Fishing God or shooting fish from Spadegaming situs slot online terpercaya.

You also have to know how to play spadegaming fish shooting properly.

Let’s see, you don’t throw a lot of bullets.

Because every bullet you will spend has a value to pay.

Guide and How to Play fishing god Spadegaming.

When you play Fishing God Spadegaming, there are several menus that will appear on the game screen.

Each menu here has a different function.

If you don’t master it well, there’s bound to be a lot of problems.

Well, on that basis, there are several menus that you will turn off in the visual display of the Spadegaming fish shooting method.


YOUR BALANCE: is a display of your remaining credit or coin balance as a player. In the basic “Your balance” menu, the username of the game you used will appear.

YOUR LOCATION: is a display where the shooting position is.

While at the bottom of the menu “Your Location” there are buttons + (plus) and – (minus).

The point is to create a value from the bullet value that you want to use when shooting.

AUTO SHOOT SELECTED FISH: this menu will shoot automatically without having to click.

However, the direction of the shot is determined by the player.

This menu just wants to make it easier for players not to click continuously.

OBJECTIVE: must select the target fish that you want to kill. For example, you are aiming for a golden dragon.

When you feel tired to shoot it.

Please use the “GOAL” menu.

However, before clicking the “IM” menu, create a command to do so first.

After the advanced system automatically shoots the fish. When you have, you have to go back to looking for other fish targets.

This fishing god game can be played by at least 2– 4 players in 1 room.

How to play spadegaming fish shooting here is to collect as many points as possible from all the fish that cross the game screen.

Every fish you manage to kill or shoot.

Your credit will also increase immediately according to the fish points, considering that each type of fish in the Fishing God game has a different value.

How to play fishing god profitably.

The next way to play Spadegaming fish is to make sure first.

There are 3 levels that you can choose, namely JUNIOR, EXPERT and GODLIKE.

You have to choose according to skill if you want to get optimal results.

In this GOD Spadegaming Fishing game there are several types of special FISH or often referred to as “Jackpot Fish”.

This fish will give you attractive prizes when you kill them.

Among others:

LASER CLUB: When killing it, players who want to receive a reward of up to 120 X and an “Electro Magnetic” weapon.

This gun will fire a wide range after catching fish in a straight line.

DRIL CRAB: Players will receive 120X rewards as well as a “DRILLING” weapon.

This gun will catch all the fish as far as it slides until it explodes.

DRAGON KING’ S TREASURE: Players can receive 10 X – 300 X rewards from this “Dragon King’ s”.

Players have to work together to get riches and get big profits in it.

For the sake of this fishing god game of course.

How? Already understand about how to play it? Well, as if still worried.

Please try the Fishing GOD Spadegaming DEMO that has been provided.

By using this demo mode, players can enjoy the game for Free (Free).

Before you use real money to play it

That’s a picture of the easiest way to shoot Spadegaming fish.

Hopefully by understanding it, big profits can continue to be easily obtained.

Best at this time, Fishing GOD can be accessed more simply.

You can also get big wins in an instant without being constrained by time and place.

That’s all from the admin, thank you and see you next time.

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